The Department of Geosciences is one of the leading departments in the field of Earth Sciences in Pakistan, both in terms of teaching and academic research. We aim to provide state-of-the-art teaching and research facilities to produce professionally sound graduates at the highest national and international levels of excellence for academic institutions, national and international oil companies, and mineral exploration/mining and related organizations. The Department of Geology is established in 2021. Since its establishment, the primary function of the Department has been on campus teaching along with research in various fields of Earth Sciences. To foster student growth, we provide a high-quality learning environment that is rigorous, challenging, and professional while being engaging, supportive, and nurturing. Such kind of environment helps in the personal and professional grooming of the students. Currently, the Department of Geosciences is going to offer BS (4 years) program, while in the future the department will focus on MS/MPhil and Ph.D. degree programs. These degree programs are aimed to promote scientific knowledge about the earth and its mineral resources. To enhance the academic and professional excellence of the students, seminars are frequently arranged where the professionals with higher achievements are invited to deliver lectures. Along with teaching a particular emphasis is given to the fieldwork of geologically significant terrains of the country. Building on the existing strengths, the Department is bridging a link between academia and industry through various national and international conferences, seminars, and workshops on a regular basis. Such kind of link will help in the academic and professional growth of the students and the faculty members of the department. The highly qualified faculty members of the department are engaged in meaningful curriculum assessment and improvement, grant writing, research, and professional activities in the field of Earth Sciences in Pakistan as well as worldwide.


To establish a preeminent Institute of Earth Sciences of International repute.

Building on the existing strengths, the Department of Geology is bridging a link between academia and industry. Such kind of link will help in the academic and professional growth of the students and the faculty members.


The Department of Geology, University of Baltistan is located on the top of Karakoram and Tibetans Plate of Great Himalaya of Northern Pakistan, which is called a supreme natural laboratory of Mineral Resources, Gems, and different kinds of Ore Mineralization. To meet the growing demand of the country in the exploitation of indigenous natural resources for economic growth, the department plans to establish an institute of Earth Sciences where the degree programs in Mineral Resource Prospecting, Geochemistry, Gemology, Petroleum Geology, Engineering Geology, Hydrogeology, Environmental Geology, Geophysics, Basin Analysis, GIS and Remote Sensing are offered. This will be initiated with the acquisition of the state of the art laboratories equipment. The department plans to start graduate diploma courses in various disciplines of geology for continuing education of all interested in the industrial sector.



The concise objectives of the department are

To submit a PC-1 for establishing an Institute of Earth Sciences

To approve the HEC latest syllabus for all the degree Programs To establish a strong link between academia, industry, and relevant government research and development organizations

This Institute degree program is aimed to promote scientific knowledge about the earth and its mineral resources (Ore deposits, Minerals, and Gems).

We also want to enhance our student’s knowledge and skills required to embark on careers as geologists in energy, mineral resources, and environmental consulting or to pursue them in their studies in more specialized areas of geology.


Considering the recent advancements in science and technology and their impacts in the field of Geology, coupled with contemporary requirements of Outcome-Based Education (OBE), there is a dire need to update the curriculum of the Geology program.


The scope of the document is to provide minimum standards in the form of guidelines for the development, delivery, and assessment of the Geology programs. The guideline areas include; Program Educational Objectives (PEOs), Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) and Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs), scheme of studies, course outlines, credit hours distribution, assessment criterion, and recommendations

Offered Programs

The department will offer the Post graduate Diploma (PGD) program in near future