Satellite Town Skardu
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President’s Award for Pride of Performance (Literature-History).
Honorary Professor Emeritus University of Baltistan Skardu

Mr. Muhammad Yousuf Hussainabadi is a historian, Linguist, Educationist and the pioneer in the field of research in Baltistan. His greatest achievement in the translation of the Holy Quran in “Balti” Language, which was published in 1995. He has been actively working for the sectarian harmony in Skardu for the past several decades. He has also complied the liberation war history of Baltistan, 1948 after a thorough research spread over five years. His book “Tareekh-e-Baltistan” has become a book for the students and researchers and this book has been translated and published in Chinese language. He has also discovered and revived the old Yige script of Balti Language after six centuries and has added five new alphabets to the Yige script and seven new alphabets to the Persian script. He established the first ever English medium School in the private sector in Baltistan in 1992 and is founder of “Balti Museum” of history and culture at Skardu

A. Islamic Studies, Punjab University Lahore
Al-Shahadatul Alamia, Wifaqul Madaris Pakistan

He is the first one in Baltistan who compiled the liberation war history of Baltistan 1948, after five year (1978-83) research by interviewing the mujahideen and their commanders which was published in 1984 under the title Baltistan Per Ek Nazar. Being the pioneer in the field of research in Baltistan, he laid foundations for systematic research on the history and culture of Baltistan.
Published Balti Zaban 1990- the history and scripts of Balti language. He discovered and revived the old Yigay script of Balti language in 1980, after six centuries of anonymity and alienation. He also added 5 new letters to Yigay and 7 to the Persian script which did not have letters for Balti sounds, adapting both the scripts to the needs of Balti language. He is also expert of Devanagri, Kharoshti and Brahmi scripts.
He has the honour of translating the Holy Quran into Balti language which was first published in 1995.
History of Baltistan: Tareekh e Baltistan 1st published in 2003. By compiling complete history of Baltistan for the first time, he has preserved an important and golden chapter of the history of Pakistan. This book has been translated and published in the Chinese language.


Lecturer, Govt College Skardu, from March 1974 to March 1975
Project Manager, Local Government, and Rural Development Department, up to February 1987
District Project Manager, Literacy and Mass Education Commission, up to February 1990
Assistant Regional Director, Allama Iqbal Open University, up to March 2000
Working as Professor of Islamic Studies and Principal Jinnah College Skardu since April 2000 to date.

Established Jinnah Public School Skardu on March 1, 1992, which is the first-ever English medium public school in the private sector in Baltistan, which being the pioneer, has been an example for others to follow, ultimately resulting in creating numerous job opportunities in the private sector for the educated youth, in addition to its positive effects in improving the education quality.
Established Jinnah College Skardu in July 1993, for the pre-medical girl students of Baltistan which is the first college in the private sector in Baltistan. It was a time when there was no science college in the whole of Baltistan for the girl students.
Established museum of Balti history and culture- Balti Museum Skardu, in 2012 which consists of thousands of artifacts in addition to a museum library consisting of books about Baltistan, books in Balti language, manuscripts, historic documents and other historic items. It is also the first and the only museum of its nature in Baltistan. It has also proved a source of inspiration for the young generation.
Established a recreational park at Skardu- Jinnah Park Skardu, in 2007 which has not only proved a source of recreation to all but also it has added a lot to the beauty of the land.
By establishing “Balti Museum” and “Jinnah Park” at Skardu, he has also rendered great service towards the promotion of Tourism in Baltistan. Plantation being one of his dearest hobbies, he has grown thousands of trees in and outside his park having positive ecological impacts.

Member Board of Directors, Aga Khan Cultural Service Pakistan, since 2007.
Member Gilgit Baltistan Provincial Managing Committee of Pakistan Red Crescent Society, since 2007.