Alumni policies and Procedures

Approved by the Worthy Vice-Chancellor on July 31, 2019

Alumni Relations Policies


The University of Baltistan, Skardu is pleased to establish the University Alumni relations repository. Section 4 (IX and X) of the Charter of the University empowers the university to establish linkages with its alumni members. The university is authorized to foster, maintain, and enhance the relationship with its alumni by providing activities, services, and programs to them. Thus, the university can provide activities and services to its alumni through organizing reunion events, networking, and printed and electronic communications. Likewise, the Alumni Associations can help enhance the reputation and influence of the university at national and international levels and also extend their support to the university in achieving its goals and objectives.  The alumni can develop programs that support the vision, mission, goals, and objectives of the University of Baltistan, Skardu.

In addition, the University will facilitate the alumni members to establish Alumni Association. There shall be only one Alumni Association in the university. The Alumni Association shall operate in accordance with robust business practices and shall comply with all applicable laws, policies, and procedures in connection with its activities and financial management.

Who is an Alumnus/Alumna?

An individual who has successfully completed a degree program or a diploma or a certificate course at any teaching department, center, or institute of the University of Baltistan, Skardu or KIU Skardu Campus, is an alumnus/alumna of the university.

Alumni Membership

All the graduates who have completed their degree programs/ and/or diploma and certificate courses are requested to get themselves registered to click on the provided link. Alumni information will only be used for alumni relations purposes and in accordance with all applicable policies. The alumni relation will fulfill the following purposes.

  • to keep our alumni members up to date with news and progress regarding the University;
  • to promote and enhance alumni engagement activities and events;
  • to further our legitimate charitable aims, including a range of fundraising programs and to provide our alumni members with information and services;