Job Descriptions

       Director QEC

  • Responsible to report the Vice Chancellor regarding QEC day-to-day activities
  • Monitoring over all activities in university
  • Monitoring the submission of assessment reports concerning faculty, curriculum & students
  • Approval of new programs
  • Approval of rules and regulation from statutory bodies of UoBS as per HEC guideline
  • Approval of different appraisal activities as preneed presented by the subordinate officials.
  • Approval of taking actions to assure the quality education if necessary.
  • Member of different academic forums (e.g., Academic Council) Syndicate Senate, Selection Boards and Affiliation of Colleges, as a representative QEC.

Additional Director QEC

  • Taking charge in the absence of Director QEC
  • Presenting rules and regulations as per HEC guidelines
  • Institutional assessment
  • Program specifications
  • Qualification framework
  • Conducting seminar/training session to ensure the quality education
  • To be a member of different academic forums (e.g., Academic Council), Syndicate, Senate, Selection Boards and Affiliation of Colleges, as a representative QEC.
  • Annual monitoring and evaluation including program monitoring, faculty monitoring and students’ perception.
  • Exercising, Monitoring and Reviewing the SARs of all Departments.
  • Reports submission regarding activities carried out in QEC.  


Job Description of Deputy Director QEC

  • Well-timed finalizing the reports and submission to higher ups
  • Preparing feedback
  • Departmental review
  • Students Feedback
  • Employer feedback
  • Quality assurance of Master, M-Phil and PhD degree programs
  • Subject review
  • Preparation of Teacher Evaluation Reports
  • Organization of Seminars/training
  • Submitting fortnightly report of the activities carried out in QEC to the Additional Director QEC.
  • Any other responsibility as assigned by Additional Director and or Director QEC


Job Description of Office Assistant/ Assistant Director QEC

  • Reports preparations and submissions to AD/ DD fortnight
  • Preparing and processing Self Assessments Reports (SARs) accompanying with Departments
  • Collect updated reports on various stages of SARs
  • Submitting the SAR updates to the superiors on monthly basis
  • To visit/ note the classes/ timing before starting and the time ends.
  • Maintaining the attendance of faculty members on daily Basis.
  • Collecting data from the faculty and other pertinent sources for the Best Teacher & Researcher
  • Data analyzing & drawing certain outcomes by using up-to-date statistical tools and software
  • Assisting the Director QEC in day-to-day work
  • Verifying attendance record of classes/ lectures as per the assigned credit hours from HEC.
  • Verifying the finance record weekly and monthly
  • Supervising all QEC activities in the absence of upper staff
  • Any other responsibility as assigned by Deputy/Additional Director and or Director QEC
  • Overall record keeping