Dr.Shahid Hussain

Assistant Professor (IPFP)
Department of Mathematics 
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Address:  Jalal Abad Gilgit , Pakistan

To peruse a dynamic career in the fields of  Computational Mathematics focusing on research areas : Magnatohydrodynamics, Fluid-Fluid interaction, Viscoelastic fluids

in a challenging environment and to set a position to employ my professional skills to bring unparalleled achievement to the organization through carefulness, hard work, relentless make every effort  for flawlessness and for joint effort to produce very good research results.








School of Mathematical Sciences

East China Normal University Shanghai, China

PhD  Applied  Mathematics:



Air University Islamabad

Mathematical Modeling and Scientific Computing

(MS /M.Phil)


2006– 2010


Karakoram International University, (KIU)


Bachelor of Science  (BS Honors in Mathematics):



Karakoram International University, (KIU)


Bachelor  Of  Education (BEd)


2002 – 2004

Govt. Post Degree College Chakwal , Rawalpindi


A-Level / Higher Secondary School              (ICS)


1999 – 2001

Govt. High School Skardu –FBISE, Islamabad                                                       Pakistan.

O-Level / Secondary School / Matric:


Solution-focused, proactive and highly skilled professional with rich and varied research and teaching ex and facilitator, fostering atmosphere that encourages creativity, problem solving approach and continuous learning and improvement in the team members. I am an enthusiastic and optimistic person. Have solid planning and organizational skills. Strong team builder with an ability to take initiatives in challenging environments. I am responsive, courageous and trustworthy. I have an unparalleled passion for learning and development and a proven track record of achievements and consistent professional growth. I have been a top performer, have a good sense of humor and have always enjoyed pleasant working relationship with my colleagues. I am train in education to motivate and deliver a good lecture for the listeners and learners.













  • approximate solution of the viscoelastic fluids.
  • Approximate solutions of  the magnatohydrodynamics.
  •  I am currently  doing my research work in two different fields,

1.      Fluid-Fluid interface models.

2.     Magneto hydrodynamics models.


Conferences –














Talks:- As Speaker












Shanghai Normal University

East China Normal University



Tonghai University Shanghai

Jiaotong University , Shanghai




Ocean University  Shanghai













Courses studied 2010




MA-680  Applied PDE


Math-713  Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations







MA Introduction to Modeling and Simulation


MA 644 Advance Engineering Maths



Courses studied 2011




MA 700 Computational Fluid Dynamics


    MA 650  Finite Element Methods




Math-782 Finite Difference methods( Fluid Mechanics )


  MA-646 Applied Linear Algebra



Ø   Shahid Hussain, M. A.A  Mahbub, N. J. Nasu,  H.  Zheng  


  " Stabilized lowest equal-order mixed finite  element method for the Oseen            viscoelastic  fluid flow ",

       Advances in Difference Equations  2018:461,




Ø     N. J. Nasu,  Md. A. A. Mahbub, Shahid Hussain, Haibiao Zheng,

               “Two-Level Finite Element Approximation for  Oseen viscoelastic fluid flow”,

                Mathematics  (2018),






Ø  M. A.A  Mahbub, Shahid Hussain, N. J. Nasu,   H.  Zheng ,


"Decoupled Scheme for Non-Stationary Viscoelastic Fluid Flow " ,

Adv. Appl. Math. Mech., Vol. 10, No. 5, pp. 1191-1226,
DOI: 10.4208/aamm.OA-2017-0186  October 2018.



Ø  Shahid Hussain,  A.  Batool,  Md. A.A  Mahbub, N. J. Nasu,  H.  Zheng,  


          “SUPG Approximation for the Oseen viscoelastic fluid flow with stabilized

          lowest  equal order mixed finite element method”,

            Mathematics 2019, 7(2), 128,

                https://doi.org/10.3390/math7020128 - 28 January 2019.


 Ø N.J. Nasu,  M. A. Al Mahbub,  Shahid Hussain,  D. Yang ,  H. Zheng,

          " Partitioned  time  stepping schemes for the  non-stationary

           dual-fracture-matrix  fluid flow model",   

            Applied Mathematical Modeling ,



 Ø  Sajid Hussain, Shahid Hussain,

   " Connected Decycling Number of   PM   X  PN ”,  

                 North American Academic Research ,



     Ø  Shahid Hussain,  Sajid Hussain, Vishnu Narayan Mishra

     “ Stabilized mixed finite element method for the linearized viscoelastic fluid flow problem”,   Journal of  Mathematical  Extensions  Vol.16, No.1 (2022)





Ø  N. J. Nasu ,  M.A.A. Mahbub, Shahid Hussain,  H. Zheng , 2021

“Two-grid Finite Element Method For the dual-permeability -Stokes fluid flow model,  Numerical Algorithms.



Ø  Suhail Abbas,  Abdullah Shah, Zahid Hussain, and  Shahid Hussain,

     “A comparison of different numerical schemes in spherical Couette flow
  AIP Advances, https://doi.org/10.1063/5.0032553.


Ø   Shahid Hussain, and Sajjid Hussain

     “ Stabilized numerical methods for the two kinds of problems of incompressible fluid flows.”  Journal of Mountain Area Research, [S.l.], v. 6, p. 25-29, Sep. 2021. ISSN 2518-850X. Available at: https://journal.kiu.edu.pk/index.php/JMAR/article/view/90.  doi: https://doi.org/10.53874/jmar.v6i0.90


Ø  Razia Sharif and Sadaqat Hussain Sahar Abbas, Zahid Hussain, Shahid Hussain” Intuitionistic Fuzzy Entropy And Its Applications To Multicriteria Decision Making With If-Todim Journal Of Mechanics Of Continua And Mathematical Sciences, Vol 16 , page 99-119


Ø     Shahid Hussain, M. A.A  Mahbub, Feng Shi,

     “A stabilized mixed finite element method for the Stokes-Stokes coupled                          interface problem”,   Journal Of Mathematical Fluid Mechanics, (2022) 24:63   ).



Ø     Shahid Hussain, Shams ur Rahman, Suhail Abbas, and Munawar Ali Abbas

     “Solution of Steady Incompressible MHD Problems with  Quasi-Least square Method”,   Inventions (2022) 7:40 ).














Ø  Advance level knowledge Matlab for simulation.

Ø  Advance level knowledge FREEFEM++ for coding.

Ø  Advance level of  Tecplot.

Ø  Basic knowledge of using Computer Hardware.

Expertise and Other Skills:




Ø MS Office, Using Software Installation and Internet Explorer.






1.      Research Assistant 


Nov. 5, 2015 to Dec. 4, 2019

East China Normal University Shanghai China

2.      IPFP fellow


Feb 2022---todate

University Of Baltistan Skardu

3.      Assistant Professor (Visiting)


March 2, 2020 to April 21, 2021

Karakoram International University, Gilgit

4.      Assistant Professor (Visiting)


 Oct. 15, 2021 to Dec.  21, 2021

Karakoram International University, Gilgit

5.      Assistant Professor


Feb 2, 2022 to  Cont.

University of Baltistan Skardu