Mr. Ghulam Abbas
Mr. Ghulam Abbas
Department of Languages and Cultural Studies
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Mr. Ghulam Abbas

Looking to be a part of challenging exerting, demanding, dynamic and competitive environment where I could utilize my knowledge both in the theoretical and practical areas. To pursue my excellence with hard work, dedication and determination, to make best use of my abilities, knowledge and experience with a professional approach, toward shouldering broader responsibilities to allow professional growth and add value to the overall operations of organization.

M-Phil                                M-Phil English (Applied Linguistics)

                                            University of Management & Technology Lahore

                                            With CGPA 3.36

Master                                M.A English (Linguistics)           

                                            Karakorum International University Gilgit Baltistan

                                            With CGPA 3.80 (Third position)

                                            80% Marks 1st Division

Master                                M.A (Islamic Studies)

                                            80% Marks 1st Division

Nature of Experience


Institution/Organization  Attended



Director/English Language Teacher   

Challenger English Language center Skardu



Challenger English Language Center Skardu

Visiting Lecture ( MA level)

Sept 2014

20 April 2016

Superior College and University Lahore.

Visiting Lecture ( MA level)

Oct 2015

Up to date

Government College Model Town Lahore

Visiting Lecture (MA level)

March 2015

March 2016

MACS Academy Model Town Lahore

10 years’ experience of Office Management /Accounting



Water Management Office Skardu

Visiting Lecture

August 2016

2021 march

University of Baltistan, Skardu

Lecture (regular)

March 2012

To date

University of Baltistan, Skardu

Deputy Director QEC



University of Baltistan, Skardu

Deputy Director Academics



University of Baltistan, Skardu

  • Having the privilege of conducting several student workshops and delivering lectures on the following topics


·        Thesis writing

·        Proposal writing

·        How to write research articles?

·        Phonetics and Phonology

·        How to improve memory skills?

·        How to motivate students?

·        How to improve concentration?

·        How to develop positive thinking?

·        How to conduct workshop?

·        Effective communication skills

·        Time Management skills

·        Effective listening skills

·        Office management skills

  • Phonetics and Phonology
  • Syntax
  • Morphology
  • Special Course Acoustic Phonetics
• Applied Linguistics
• Inter Linguistics / Intra Linguistics
• Acoustic Phonetics
• Structuralism Theory
• Post Structuralism Theory
• Post Modernism theory
• Deconstruction Theory
• Speech act Theory
• Innatsim Theory
• Behaviorist Theory
• Language in Brain
• What is meaning?
• Language acquisition and learning
• Universal Grammar
• Syllable Structure
• Airstream Mechanism
  • MPhil thesis ‘Description and Classification of Balti Consonants Sounds’
  • Master Thesis ‘English Diphthongal problem for the Balti speakers’
  • Abbas (Balti), G., Issa, M., & Bashir, M. (2022). Description and Classification of Balti Segmental (Fricative Sounds) Consonants. Annals of Human and Social Sciences, 3(2), 314–326.
  • Muhammad Bashir, & Ghulam Abass. (2018). Evaluation of the Null Theory of Intra-Sentential Code-Switching. Linguistics and Literature Review, 4(2), 105- 118.
  • Ghulam Abbas, & Muhammad Bashir. (2020). Description and Classification of Balti Consonant Stop Sounds. Linguistics and Literature Review, 6(1), 01-08.
  • Neelam Nazir, Syeda Rida Zahara, Paras Akhtar, Ghulam Abbas Balti, & Muhammad Bashir. (2021). LINGUISTIC AND PARALINGUISTIC ANALYSIS OF THE TEXT PRODUCED BY HIJRA (TRANSGENDER) COMMUNITY LOCATED IN LAHORE, PAKISTAN. PalArch’s Journal of Archaeology of Egypt / Egyptology, 18(10), 3068-3077. Retrieved from
  • Issa, M., Hussain, A., & Abbas, G. (2022). A Quantitative Analysis of Linguistic Complexities: A Case Study of English Textbooks of Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Islamabad, Pakistan. Pakistan Languages and Humanities Review, 6 (4), 508–507.
  • Acoustic Analysis of English Labio-Dental Sounds /f/ and /v/ Produced by Balti ESL Learners. ()
  • Description and Classification of Balti Segmental (Velar sounds only) Consonants: An Acoustic Analysis
  • Description and Classification of Balti Tense Markers, LLR journal UMT Lahore in April, 2019)
  • Description and Classification of Balti Consonants Sounds, LLR journal UMT Lahor.
  • Archived 3000 Balti vanishing words along with pictures.