Offered Programs

BS English (Literature and Linguistics)

Department of Languages and Cultural Studies at the University of Baltistan, Skardu offers a 04-year BS English program. BS in English Linguistics and Literature provides a multi-dimensional platform to the students to grasp the essence of not only English Linguistics and Literature, rather it simultaneously provides equal exposure to courses from Social Science, Management Sciences,and Applied Sciences to keep them updated with the other prominent disciplines of learning to cope with real-life issues. The main objective of the program is to produce graduates with a deepened understanding of language, linguistics,and literature with interpersonal and communication skills along with critical thinking in connection with GB, Pakistan and the world.

 Who Should Apply?

Students who are desirous to pursue their career in social sciences in future should opt for BS in English Linguistics and Literature. This program offers courses to improve students’ communication skills in English, thus, students with fair command over the English language will get one of the best platforms to improve their language skills along with a cursory exposure to the fields of studies other than the ones that the faculty of social science covers.


M.A English Linguistics and Literature

Department of Languages and Cultural Studies, at the University of Baltistan, offers a hybrid 02-year M.A program in English Linguistics and Literature. This degree program is designed to familiarize the students with different aspects of English Linguistics and Literature simultaneously. Moreover, one of the main objectives of this course is to instill the following expertise in the students, i.e., critical thinking, problem-solving, refined language skills, and self-reliance. Students are exposed to replicated forthcoming real-life challenges to equip them with the desired skills which consequently improve the chances of their employability in the competitive market.

Who should apply?

Students who are desirous to explore English literature in depth and eager to know how English and other languages work with an inherent scientific system. The applicant should have a good command of the English language and be able to communicate fluently with the standard norms of English pronunciation, grammar, and spelling. Thus, M.A in English Linguistics and Literature is not suitable for those applicants who do not have a sound background in the English language.