UOBS Celebrated Jeeto Baltistan Show

University of Baltistan, Skardu Enthusiastically and Successfully Celebrated Jeeto Baltistan Show Today Jeeto Baltistan Show was beautifully, enthusiastically and successfully celebrated under the supervision of Business Incubation Center UOBS today at the varsity. The honorable Vice-Chancellor and his family, Treasurer, Registrar, faculty and staff members and hundreds of students jovially attended the show Jeeto Baltistan A.R Mir K Saath at the university. There was a number of interesting and motivating activities in the show hosted by AR Mir lecturer department of Languages and Cultural Studies. He entertained the audience investing his full energy of great zeal and zest that the audience stayed with him for continuously four hours in the show. The participants were given multiple gifts and packages for their active participation in the show which was sponsored by valued sponsors of the local market.
The honorable Vice-Chancellor appreciated the innovative and productive efforts made by Director Business Incubation Center Wasimullah Jan Malik. He further said that certain activities truly demonstrate the natural and inborn capabilities of the students and faculty. He appreciated the performance of Mr. Abdul Rehman Mir for his potentials and skills in conducting the show as an anchorperson and host. He further said that in the future UOBS will establish a Media Cell to explore the hidden talents and potentials of the students and faculty.
The Treasurer UOBS Rao Muhammad Sharif appreciating the participants and the organizing team of the show said that such a wonderful show itself testifies that this region has God-gifted talent and potentials. He said that the reason behind the God-gifted talent and show is the natural beauty and the environment of the region.
The Registrar UOBS Dr. Irsahd Ali also appreciated the wonderful performance of the participants and the organizing team members of the show and said that it is a moment of immense pleasure for him to express that the students and faculty have outstanding capabilities and potentials. He appreciated the efforts of Director BIC Mr. Wasimullah Jan Malik and Mr. Abdul Rehman Mir lecturer department of Languages and Cultural Studies for their excellent performance.
Director of Business Incubation Center Mr. Wasimullah Jan Malik thanked all the participants for attending the show for continuously four hours and presented a special gift to A.R Mir for exceptionally and exquisitely hosting the show for four hours. He said that BIC is not only limited to Business Administration but it has widespread importance in every sphere of life. He further said that we will provide assistance and resources to the market where it is required and applicable.