Dr. Zahirullah Khan
Assistant Professor
Deputy Director Business Incubation Center
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Dr. Zahirullah Khan

Brief Description

Joined UoBS as a Lecturer (Regular). Did PhD in Management Sciences (Finance) from University of Peshawar in 2020; MS and BBA(Hons) from Institute of Management Sciences (IMSciences) which is amongst the top five business institutes in Pakistan. Won merit scholarship for BBA(Hons) and MS studies programs. Secured HEC Indigenous scholarship for PhD program. Secured outstanding academic credentials throughout the career.
Corporate Finance, International Finance and Behavioral Finance are the areas of research work. Has published many research papers in different international and national journals in W, X and Y categories.
Corporate Finance, International Finance and Behavioral Finance
1.Much Needed Business Digital Transformation Through Big Data, Internet of Things and Blockchain Capabilities: Implications for Strategic Performance in Telecommunication Sectors. Journal of Business Process Management (UK), Accepted on 17th Feb, 2021, Impact Factor 2.79 (HEC W-Category)
2.Post Covid-19 Influence Of Herding Effect Bias On Investment Decisions of Pakistani Stock Investors. Journal of Elementary Education Turkey, Vol. 20, Issue 5, pg # 899-907 (HEC X-Category)
3.Impact of Micro-finance on Poverty: Evidence from Rural Pakistan. Sarhad Journal of Management Sciences (SJMS) Vol.6, Issue-2,ISSN (2414-2336) , Dec-2020, (HEC Y-Category)
4.The Impact of Health Indicators on Economic Growth – The Case Study Of Saudi Arabia. Iqra Journal of Business Management (IJBM) Volume-4-Issue-1 (2020), Pg # 53-65 (HEC Y-Category)
5. Relationship Between Foreign Portfolio Investment and Stock Market Indicators: Evidence from Pakistan. International Transaction Journal of Engineering Management, Technology and Applied Sciences(ITJEMAT), Vol.10, Issue-17,ISSN (2414-2336), 1-10, Sep 2019, (HEC Y-Category)
6. Comovement between Exchange Rate Fluctuations and Economic Factors in Pakistan’s Economy (1990-2013), Sarhad Journal of Management Sciences (SJMS) –Vol.2,Issue-1,ISSN (2414-2336) , Dec-2016, (HEC Y-Category)
7. Effect of Leverage on Stock Returns and Systematic risk: Evidence from Pakistani Industries, Sarhad Journal of Management Sciences (SJMS) –Vol.2, Issue-1, ISSN (2414-2336) , June-2016, (HEC Y-Category)
8. Co-movement between Pakistani Equity Market and BRICS Countries: An Investigation through Co integration Analysis published by Sarhad Journal of Management Sciences (SJMS) –Vol.1,Issue-1,ISSN (2414-2336) , Dec-2015. (HEC Y-Category)