Establishment of Department of Educational Development


Establishment of Department of Educational Development Established in 2012

Eligibility Criteria

 FA/F.Sc / A level or equivalent with minimum 2nd


4 years

Semester Duration:

16-18 weeks



Course Load Per Semester:

15-18 Credit Hours

Number of Courses per semester:

5-6  (not  more  than  3 lab/ practical courses)

 Program requirements

The HEC prescribed curricula are followed in these programs. We would recommend the nomenclature for the Four-year B.Ed. program as “BS Education”. The following are the key components of the B.Ed. (Elementary) and BS Education/B.Ed. (Hon.) programs.

  1. Compulsory Courses:           19
  2. Professional Courses:           51
  3. Foundation Courses:            24
  4. Content Courses:                 26
  5. Teaching Practice:                15

                        Total Credit Hours:           135

For B.Ed. (Elementary), which is offered after completion of ADE, the students spend four semesters in the ADE program and come to the university for another four semesters to get the B.Ed. (Elementary) degree.