Putting theories into practice: “Together we can and together we excel”

 The Department of Business Management and Economics started different community based projects in the early spring semester 2017 and completed them in collaboration with multiple stakeholders, financial institutions and NGOs of Skardu region. In this regard the department celebrated the projects completion ceremony on April 2, 2018 at University of Baltistan. In the ceremony the department of Business Management invited distinguish guests in order to distribute the project items to the beneficiaries. The department proposed eight projects after identifying the desperate needs of the community in different walks of life. The department arranged the required funds and completed allthe projects within a six months short period of time.Projects were supervised by Mr. Waseem Ullah Jan Malik Head of Department.  Projects details are given below. 


  1. Construction of a waiting room, a Prayer Room anda washroom (for Females) at lorry adda Jail Garh Skardu
  2. Construction of a prayer Room (for Faculty and Administrative staff) at University of Baltistan Skardu.
  3. Installation of a café shelter for students and staff at University of Baltistan
  4. Installation of a water Filtration Cooler for students and staff at university of Baltistan
  5. Provision of white boards, markers and other relevant items to different community based schools at Skardu city and its suburbs.
  6. Provision of School Uniforms for orphans students of different schools.
  7. Provision of jackets/socks/school bags etc. for needy students
  8. Paid annual tuition fee for students on need and performance base.
  9. Provision of Wheel chairs for disable people