It is to inform all the candidates that the Assistant (BPS-16) test date has been postponed. The new date shall be announced after March 31, 2020. 

Assistant (BPS-16)
S.No Name Father Name CNIC Status
Asst-2002 Muhammad Afzal Abdus Sattar 42301-7194788-7 Eligible
Asst-2007 Muhammad Nadeem Ali Khan 71103-1874619-9 Eligible
Asst-2009 Muhammad Sikandar Ehsan Ali 71103-0927787-7 Eligible
Asst-2010 Ajab Noor Bumull Ali Noor 71104-9603832-8 Eligible
Asst-2014 Muhammad Zaheer Inayat Ali 71103-2702376-9 Eligible
Asst-2015 Javed Iqbal Ghulam Mehdi 71103-8509634-3 Eligible
Asst-2017 Muhammad Sharif Muhammad Ibrahim 71102-3850521-3 Eligible
Asst-2018 Nazia Maryam Haji Ghulam Rasool 71103-8725808-4 Eligible
Asst-2021 Nusrat Batool Ghulam Ahmed 71103-7982908-0 Eligible
Asst-2022 Sarwat Aslam Muhammad Aslam 72301-0333297-4 Eligible
Asst-2023 Mubarak Ali Wajid Ali 71201-2469784-3 Eligible
Asst-2025 Muhammad Naeem Rustam Ali 71301-5417346-9 Eligible
Asst-2026 Irfan Haider Muhammad Ayub 71102-0364652-9 Eligible
Asst-2028 Muhammad Asif Hassan     Eligible
Asst-2029 Basharat Hussain Muhammad Hassan 71103-8470563-3 Eligible
Asst-2031 Sajid Ali Madad 71103-7025001-7 Eligible
Asst-2033 Ansar Ali Naqsha Ali 71103-2711456-9 Eligible
Asst-2034 Aslam Hussain Ali Rozi 71101-5400967-1 Eligible
Asst-2036 Muhammad Ismail Ghulam Ali 71103-9154773-9 Eligible
Asst-2038 Syed Muhammad Shad Syed Mubarak Ali Shah 71104-3656065-7 Eligible
Asst-2039 Iftikhar Hussain Sher Muhammad 71102-0531305-3 Eligible
Asst-2040 Muhammad Shakeel Muhammad Ali 71101-7585447-3 Eligible
Asst-2041 Javed Hussain Haji Hussain 71104-4175303-3 Eligible
Asst-2042 Muhammad Shaheen Muhammad Hassan 42501-7563877-3 Eligible
Asst-2045 Sifat Noor Ali Noor 71104-9508832-8 Eligible
Asst-2046 Amjad Ali Tahir Ahmed Khan 71103-8888335-7 Eligible
Asst-2047 Shujaat Ali Muhammad Raza 71103-4145125-7 Eligible
Asst-2048 Muhammad Raza Muqaddas Haji Mehdi 71103-0919570-3 Eligible
Asst-2049 Ejaz Hussain Baqir 71301-7843819-5 Eligible
Asst-2052 Muhammad Ibrar Muhammad Ali Khan 71103-5653844-3 Eligible
Asst-2053 Muhammad Aslam Hussain 71102-5445343-9 Eligible
Asst-2054 Jaffar Ali Muhammad Ismail 71301-3087124-3 Eligible
Asst-2056 Noor Muhammad Muhammad Ali 71301-0131402-7 Eligible
Asst-2058 Tahawor Abbas Iqbal Hussain 71103-5046123-1 Eligible
Asst-2059 Muhammad Arif Muhammad Saleem 71104-3031926-9 Eligible
Asst-2063 Waqar Ahmed Ahmed Hussain 71103-7643382-9 Eligible
Asst-2065 Amjad Hussain Ghulam Mehdi 35202-0447906-9 Eligible
Asst-2068 Muhammad Afzal Ahmed Khan 42201-1035855-3 Eligible
Asst-2070 Muhammad Ibrahim Mahama 71302-1150629-3 Eligible
Asst-2071 Fatima Ghulam Ali 71103-0845082-0 Eligible
Asst-2072 Maria Naseem Wazir M. Naseem 71103-0977409-2 Eligible
Asst-2073 Wazir Asghar Hussain Wazir Naiz Ali 71103-9757266-9 Eligible
Asst-2074 Wajahat Ali Ismail   Eligible
Asst-2075 Mudasir Abbas Ahmed Hussain 71103-2523429-5 Eligible
Asst-2076 Mumtaz Ahmed M. Joo Naseem 61101-1410335-5 Eligible
Asst-2077 Zulfiqar Ali Ibrahim 71103-4795327-5 Eligible
Asst-2079 Shakeel Abbas Ali Sher 71104-5054420-3 Eligible
Asst-2081 Nazir Hussain Haji Muhammad 37405-6451273-9 Eligible
Asst-2082 Habiba Ruqia Jafari Sheikh Mohd Hassan Jafari   Eligible
Asst-2088 Muhammad Ali Jamil Nisar Ali 71103-8359909-5 Eligible
Asst-2089 Liaqat Ali Muhammad Amin 71103-6677571-5 Eligible
Asst-2090 Muhammad Ilyas Muhammad Baqir 71301-2516176-7 Eligible
Asst-2091 Mansoor Zafar  Ghulam Ali 71101-1224595-3 Eligible
Asst-2092 Ilyas Hussain Ghulam Rasool 71103-6216047-5 Eligible
Asst-2093 Ghulam Abbas Mehmood Ali 71301-9738821-5 Eligible
Asst-2094 Sabir Hussain Zakir Hussain 71103-6910992-3 Eligible
Asst-2096 Muhammad Tahir Muhammad Hussain 71101-0436924-5 Eligible
Asst-2097 Muhammad Azam  Shujaat Ali 71302-3766926-7 Eligible
Asst-2098 Zulfiqar Ali Ghulam Mehdi 71103-7985880-7 Eligible
Asst-2099 Shahzad Muhammad Ashoor Khan 71104-4058724-9 Eligible
Asst-2101 Dostdar Hussain Muzaffar Ali 71501-328601-1 Eligible
Asst-2102 Muhammad Abbas Muhammad Hassan 71101-2665045-5 Eligible
Asst-2103 Ghulam Nabi Ghulam Abbas 71103-8222876-3 Eligible
Asst-2106 Wazir Muhammad Ishtiaq Wazir Muhammad Ishaq 71104-6270120-9 Eligible
Asst-2107 Ghulam Rabbani Ghulam   Eligible
Asst-2109 Wilayat Ali Fida Hussain 71101-9439997-9 Eligible
Asst-2111 Rahmatullah Ali Boo 42201-0531189-1 Eligible
Asst-2112 Rovaid Iqbal Sartaj Iqbal 71501-8366921-7 Eligible
Asst-2113 Zafar Abbas Muhammad Baqir 71103-4341764-9 Eligible
Asst-2115 Zakir Ali Ghulam Mehdi 72201-8426757-3 Eligible
Asst-2116 Irfan Ali Muhammad Ali 71103-0313191-5 Eligible
Asst-2118 Ghulam Haider Muhammad Ismail 42201-6547096-5 Eligible
Asst-2119 Zohair Abbas Ghulam Hussain 71103-2664104-9 Eligible
Asst-2120 Zakir Hussain Muhammad Hussain 42201-7881186-7 Eligible
Asst-2122 Muhammad Saleem Ghulam Nabi 71104-6655686-9 Eligible
Asst-2123 Sajid Razaq Muhammad Yar   Eligible
Asst-2125 Saleem Raza Ghulam Mehdi 71103-9053402-3 Eligible
Asst-2126 Muhammad Nawaz Abdul Karim 71103-6261747-7 Eligible
Asst-2127 Muhammad Hassan Haji Muhammad Hussain 42000-8775141-1 Eligible
Asst-2128 Zakir Hussain Ali Naqi 71103-9151116-1 Eligible
Asst-2131 Ghulam Abbas Ahmad Ali 71302-0937289-7 Eligible
Asst-2132 Muhammad Umar Ghulam Rabbani 17301-7895569-3 Eligible
Asst-2133 Ali Muhammad Fida Hussain 71301-5283184-7 Eligible
Asst-2134 Muhammad Nasir Syed Abdul Hadi 71102-6562052-9 Eligible
Asst-2137 Shahid Hassan Muhammad Hassan 71103-4972544-5 Eligible
Asst-2139 Muhammad Hassan Muhammad Hussain 71103-2386197-3 Eligible
Asst-2140 Zaheer Abbas Ghulam Hussain 71103-2874599-1 Eligible
Asst-2141 Lal Zaman Ghulam Raza 71501-2151579-5 Eligible
Asst-2142 Hamida Batool Ghulam Mehdi 71103-6810961-2 Eligible
Asst-2143 Saleem Abbas Wajid Ali 61101-1872779-1 Eligible
Asst-2144 Khadim Hussain Mumtaz Ali 42101-0730678-3 Eligible
Asst-2145 Abbas Ali Talib Hussain 71301-1372367-3 Eligible
Asst-2146 Mazahir Hussain Fida Hussain 42201-9396237-5 Eligible
Asst-2147 Muhammad Nadeem Muhammad Ibrahim 71102-4325192-3 Eligible
Asst-2150 Muhammad Naseem Ali Raza 71103-6132817-5 Eligible
Asst-2152 Muzian Batool Mirza Altaf Hussain 35202-7462743-6 Eligible
Asst-2154 Mashhood Hussain Ghulam Akbar 71102-3360135-7 Eligible
Asst-2155 Shoaib Mehdi Wazir Ghulam Mehdi 71103-2199034-3 Eligible
Asst-2156 Muhammad Khursheed Khowaja Najaf Ali 71103-9843366-5 Eligible
Asst-2157 Yawar Abbas Ghulam Mehdi 71103-3100396-5 Eligible
Asst-2158 Talha Aziz Abdul Aziz 71103-7922103-9 Eligible
Asst-2160 Mustafa Ali Muhammad 71302-5374656-3 Eligible
Asst-2162 Ahmed Jan Hamat Khan 71202-1115972-1 Eligible
Asst-2163 Zahid Hussain Rustam Ali 42201-3665050-1 Eligible
Asst-2166 Syed Muhammad Agha Syed Sajjad Hussain 71104-4047816-1 Eligible
Asst-2167 Muhammad Raza Hussain Ali 71103-9799233-5 Eligible
Asst-2168 Nayyar Abbas Muhammad Ibrahim 61101-3979650-9 Eligible
Asst-2169 Arif Ishaq Muhammad Ishaq 71103-5331837-9 Eligible
Asst-2170 Asghar Ali Muhammad Hussain 71103-8290756-1 Eligible
Asst-2171 Qamar Abbas Ghulam Abbas 71105-0342525-1 Eligible
Asst-2172 Ejaz Hussain Hassan 71302-0550416-5 Eligible
Asst-2175 Naveed Hassan Hassan 71103-5313664-3 Eligible
Asst-2177 Muhammad Yousuf Haider 71103-0859934-1 Eligible
Asst-2179 Sajida Batool Afiat Khan 71103-9120873-4 Eligible
Asst-2180 Tariq Nadeem Khalid Nadeem   Eligible
Asst-2181 Joza Batool Muhammad Abbas   Eligible
Asst-2182 Farheen Ali Muhammad Ali 71103-41560312-2 Eligible
Asst-2183 Abid Hussain Ghulam Abbas 71102-4571315-1 Eligible
Asst-2184 Essa Ali Haji Muhammad 71103-6875014-8 Eligible
Asst-2186 Zulfiqar Ali Ibrahim 71103-4795327-5 Eligible

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