International day for Awareness on Risk Reduction of Natural Calamities and disaster

DDMA Conducts a Seminar in Collaboration with the University of Baltistan, Skardu on ‘International day for Awareness on Risk Reduction of Natural Calamities and disaster The Objectives of the Seminar were to Aware the Public Regarding the Impending Disasters and the Strategies to Cope with Certain Circumstances (Skardu) DDMA conducted a seminar in collaboration with the University of Baltistan, Skardu on ‘International Awareness on Reduction of Natural Calamities at UOBS, Anchan Campus Skardu. The objectives of the seminar were to aware the masses of impending disasters and the strategies to cope with certain circumstances. The Speaker GB Assembly, Fida Muhammad Nashaad, Senior Minster Haji Akbar Tabaan, Commissioner Baltistan, Hamza Salik, Deputy Commissioner Skardu, Assistant Commissioner Skardu, Director, DDMA, Shehzad, representatives of rescue 1122, media personnel, faculty and staff of UOBS, students from UOBS, local and social representatives were attending the seminar. The seminar started with the recitation of a few verses of the Holy Quran honored by Mr. Sajid Ali student UOBS and Naat vocalized by Mr. Mazhar Ali student UOBS. Mr. Waseem Ullah Jan, Director of Business Incubation Center, UOBS hosted the seminar as a vibrant compere. Addressing the audience, Commissioner Baltistan, Hamza Salik said that the public has to be aware of every kind of impending disaster with effective strategies to cope with the situations to minimize the destructions to be brought by certain circumstances. Talking about various natural calamities that occurred in the region, he said that the local administration played an effective role in coping with the situations by providing the required assistance to the affected and vulnerable areas. Addressing the audience, Speaker GB Assembly, Haji Fida Muhammad Nashaad said that disasters and natural calamities are always attached to human lives that can be rehabilitated by effective prior planned strategies. He further said that every member of the community should contribute to coping with massively vulnerable circumstances. Expressing his opinion in the seminar, Senior Minister Haji Akbar Tabaan said that no doubt disasters and calamities were the subparts of human lives but besides the fact human beings were enriched with capabilities and awareness by Allah to tackle miserable situations. Utilizing the God-gifted potentials, every individual can play an active role in the community; he added. On this occasion, the Director, DDMA, Shehzad Ahmed demonstrated a pictorial presentation regarding various disasters in the region and also highlighted the roles played by the administration. In the end, expressing his opinion on the spot, Mr. Abdul Rehman Mir, Lecturer UOBS also eloquently commented on the natural calamities and disasters associated with human lives. He said that disasters always tend to occur accidentally and leave a massive effect on the vulnerable area. He added that a complete solution to disasters is not always possible but every individual possesses the capabilities to tackle certain situations. He further said that with proper training and awareness programs arranged in the community then surely the vulnerabilities can be reduced to the minimum. He paid gratitude to the distinguished guests, DDMA, and the participants of the seminar for the successful accomplishment of the event.